Your success does not depend on external circumstances or events.  Rather, success begins in your head with a mindset that’s proven to generate outstanding results. Without that mindset, success remains elusive, and the path to what you want can be arduous, frustrating, expensive, and often filled with disappointment.

Thinking Like the Big Dogs is a program designed to provide a direct route to the mindset that has ensured ongoing success for individuals and organizations committed to creating what they want.  This intensive program is based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP), the art and science of excellence derived from studying how top people in different fields obtain their consistently remarkable results.

As American psychologist William James said, “The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

Consistently successful people THINK differently.  They choose to see the world, life, and themselves in a different way than other people.  They don’t wish they could be successful, they don’t hope they can be successful, and they don’t even TRY to be successful.  They decide to be successful and then simply do what it takes to create that  ongoing success.

*The Success Mindset starts with a decision, and it’s a life-changing decision.  It’s the decision to be a successful human being; that’s different than deciding to do something successful.  It has to do with choosing the kind of person you want to be, and that decision then shapes your choices, actions, and your results.

Consistently successful people have several things in common, and those things are tied directly to the Big Dogs mindset.  Some of the characteristics they share, and that are available to everyone include:

1)      They have defined success for themselves.

Just wanting to “be more successful” is vague and gives the unconscious mind nothing definitive to move toward.  What does success mean to you?  Is it a certain amount of money?  Happy relationships?  Greater physical strength and better health?  More excitement about your work and your results?

2)    They have asked themselves (and answered) the questions “Why?  Why do I want that kind of success?”  The “why” becomes the motivator so it must be defined and must be almost palpable.

3)    They expect/anticipate/focus on/require success

For the Big Dogs, failure is not an option and they know they can’t

prepare for the worst and expect the best at the same time

They know that whatever they’re willing to tolerate will continue.  They don’t tolerate failure, mediocrity, or just getting by.  They expect to succeed and, therefore, they do.

*They periodically examine their beliefs and attitudes to ensure that they are consistently operating from those that are positive

*They always have goals in place

Big Dogs know that goals keep them focused and motivated, and give them something  to look forward to and a sense of purpose.  Goals also provide a way to measure progress and success.

*They live deliberately, with intention

Big Dogs choose to live and work proactively, making things happen according to what  they want rather than waiting for things to happen to them.

*They have a plan (and can still be spontaneous!)

They know it’s essential to be aware of the huge realm of possibilities while moving toward what they want in a focused, practical, and implementable way.

*They take full responsibility for making things happen, and waste no time blaming others for their own mistakes or acts of omission or commission .

This Success Mindset (common to consistently successful people) is available to anyone who has decided, at a profound level, to become a successful human being living a consistently successful life.  If that’s the decision you’d like to make, let us know.  We can help!  Your goals are only a decision and a mindshift away.  Is it time to make it happen?